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Ilam Agricultural Fair sees crowd of visitors (Photo Feature)


Ilam, December 27, 2016: The Agricultural Fair currently ongoing in Ilam has seen a crowd of people visiting the event.

In the festival being organized by the District Agriculture Development Office, 170 farmers from the district have exhibited their agricultural produce.

The 3-days long festival was started on Sunday with an objective to promote the local produces.

A wide variety of pulses, fruits and vegetables are also put on display in the three-day fair.

One can find food products including rice, maize, barley, wheat and buckwheat in the exhibition along with various pulses and oilseeds like soybean, lentils, chickpeas and others.

Cash crops like cardamom, ginger, jute and sugarcane are also exhibited in the festival.

Similarly, the expo has pumpkins, cucumbers, bottle gourds, etc. on climbing vegetable category, while one can also find cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, among other vegetables being exhibited on the occasion.

Photos Source: District Agriculture Development Office Ilam/Facebook