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Illegal Chinese Number Plates Motorcycles in upper Mustang


Mustang, July 27, 2015: Due to lack of officials’ surveillance, Some 400 motorcycles of 23 Chinese number plates are playing in Upper Mustang illegally for long period.

As per the source, those motorcycles are operating for one year in Lho Manthang, Chhoser, Chhonhup, Charrang, Surkhang and Ghami VDCs.

The motorcycles were brought in the villages as the Border Administration Office and Customs Office were centered only in the district headquarters, said local residents.

According to Chief of Border Administration Office in Lho Manthang, Krishna Raj Dhakal, the locals of Upper Mustang buy the motorcycles without paying customs tax after selling their horses in the biannual trade fair being held between the traders of Upper Mustang and Chinese.

Further he added that efforts have been initiated to bring the illegally run motorcycles in the legal framework.

Likewise he claimed that, in order to bring the legal framework, they have to talked to the local residents in the first phase. In the same way, have targeted to complete the process by first week of September,”

Meanwhile he also added, those motorcycle would be seized and process for auction if the motorcycle owners fail to pay the customs tax in the given time frame.

The number of motorcycles has gone up in Mustang district with the opening of Kaligandaki corridor.


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