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‘I’m Dharmendra’s daughter, I’m not afraid of anyone’

'I'm Dharmendra's daughter, I'm not afraid of anyone'
'I'm Dharmendra's daughter, I'm not afraid of anyone'

6 December,2015: On Friday, a wannabe Roadies contestant, Amol Spykar, using the twitter handle, BBOY SPYKA, showed his muscle on social media and threw an open challenge to Esha Deol. The actress is one of the new judges of the reality show.

He tweeted on Friday morning that he was coming to the Pune auditions on a skateboard and dared Esha to have a personal conversation with him, else `mundi neeche kar aur nikal ja’. He also threatened to let loose a volley of abuses. The actress refused to let such threats intimidate her. She pointed out that on a public platform like twitter, everyone has the right to say what they feel. Spykar was the only one to cross the line.
When Mirror caught up with Esha after the first round of group discussions with the contestants, she laughed off the matter, “This show draws all kinds–most are excited, some are angry and some act a little crazy. I was actually waiting for this guy to show up on his skateboard but I didn’t spot him in the crowd.”

Last Sunday, Gauhar Khan was slapped during the finale of a reality show she was hosting, by a man who had an issue with her wardrobe.The actress admitted in an interview to Mirror (December 3) that after the incident she has become mistrustful of crowds and is scared of even genuine fans now.

However, Esha neither has any plans of filing a complaint nor has she asked for her security to be beefed up on the sets. Dismissing the incident as one of the side effects of being a public figure, she reasoned, “We already have bouncers around.I’ve been on world tours alone. At a film premiere when a guy tried to act fresh with me, I gave it back to him. This one seems like an attention seeker. If I react to his tweets, it will only encourage him. I’m Dharmendra’s daughter, I’m not afraid of anyone.”

She’s also the daughter of actress politician Hema Malini, which puts her in even graver danger. “No one is safe anywhere. But that doesn’t mean I’ll sit at home,” she retorted.”If that was the case I wouldn’t be on this show.”

Esha has been a Roadies fan since the show began a decade ago. She’s happy to be in the company of her favourite judge Ranvijay, “who’s very balanced”, along with the other two judges, Vijender Singh and Karan Kundra (who was also targeted by BBOY SPYKA ). “I’ll just be myself and go with the flow. I’m a married woman and have nothing left to prove to anyone. I’m doing this because I wanted to be a part of an adventure show. I remember, in one of my films, I was hung upside down from a 100-feet pole and thrown into the sea. The stunt made my dad cry but I enjoyed the thrill,” she said.

There’s also talk of her reviving the home banner? She acknowledges that she is working on a film she will be producing. Will she be acting in it too? “I don’t know anything yet.These things take time,” she said. “I should have more clarity next year.”

Source:The Times of India


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