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I’m FAT, So What?


The first plus size stylist in Asia comes to Nepal

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes and Ghay Geasjun Lokvit proves it perfectly. She is one of the most successful businesswoman of Thailand from the past 18 years and now she has come up with a new concept of being the first plus size stylist in Asia. She has been encouraging girls to love their body no matter what shape and size they are. This Thailand-based stylist has been travelling from country to country and carrying out various workshops, which encourage girls not only to love their body, but also to accept themselves.

Ghay once had a perfect slim body. Like every other girl, she was perfectly fine, had a boyfriend who was going to be her husband and was planning for her wedding. Invitations were sent, the wedding dress was ready and the hotels were booked. But, then came a twist in her life shattering all her dreams. Seven days left for the special day, her smiles turned into tears when her fiancé cancelled the wedding. Every girl would come under stress and depression after this, and so did she. So, to overcome those situations, she started over-eating. She gained too much of weight that she lost her confidence and personality.

She completely became hopeless. So, she started doing exercise and began to follow her diet plan as well as various diet pills, which resulted in gaining weight further. Tired of trying all the solutions, she came up with questions like “Why can’t I be happy being plus size?”,” Why can’t I accept myself being plus size?”,” Why can’t others accept me?” So, instead of focusing on losing weight she turned her focus on reviving her confidence again and not only encouraging herself but also planned to encourage girls with similar problems. So, she came up with the idea of styling plus size women, and learned styling from different institutes like Style Coaching Institute in UK, School of Style at the New York and Australian Style Institute, Australia.

Being a successful businesswoman, she doesn’t want money from this awareness. She just doesn’t want to create another girl in this world who is hopeless and under confident just because of her weight. All she wants is happiness and smiles on the faces of plus size women.

Parin Subba Limbu, the founder of Dristi Nepal was a follower of Ghay on different social media. Being an extrovert and innovative person, she wanted to bring something new in Nepal. So, she contacted Ghay through Facebook and invited her to Nepal.

Ghay organized a group on Facebook “I am FAT, So what? Nepal” which had many followers of Dharan. So, she thought of conducting a workshop there at Vintage Cafe. More than 20 beautiful ladies showed up at the event, where Ghay listened to their problems and motivated them saying “If you are beautiful from your heart, you are automatically beautiful outside as well.” Along with those 20 beautiful plus size ladies, their friends who were slim and trim also showed up to support this event.

Ghay also conducted a modelling session in Kathmandu, where girls from their teenage to adulthood showed up. Out of 25 women who showed up, most of them were mothers who want to pursue their career now.

The participants were excited and happy that modelling platform still exists for them. One of the participants said, “I was always interested in modelling, but due to my body size, I got rejected. I’m FAT, So What? Gives me a platform where I can still show my confidence and prove people that YES!! I CAN BE A MODEL AS WELL.”

Recently, Ghay has opened up a brand named “I’m FAT, So What?” which focuses on designing perfect plus size blazers and other clothing. She is extending her approach to reach girls in all over the world. This Glamourous Stylist is also looking forward to carrying workshop in Dubai and India as well.

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By Suweksha Shrestha