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Imagination VS Thinking


Hey! What is your aim? What’s your life dream? What do you wish to be your life look like? What do you want to be when you grow up??

Reading these questions, what might be your first action?? Thinking or Imagining ??

Now, Let’s move to a flashback! Whenever these questions were raised! We might have thought first, done imagination and lastly might have said the answers. I believe these questions are one of the hardest for all of us, which we do not respond to quickly.

Doing some experiments with some colleagues; they mentioned that, they actually first thought about what their dream is, and later imagined the scenario and answered the question.

Our minds are like an empty bus station, where we receive and send out thoughts and apply as an action. “Thinking” is the process where we create a beautiful scenario and “Imagination” is a result of an action.

Have you ever wondered about, What god looks like or how actually air moves? Then, we start creating images in our minds and imagine what actually it looks like. We people have never seen a god, in fact besides doing the thinking and imagining we do not know where they stay? But, also we are successful, to figure out the appearance of an unseen object.

Both Imagination and Thinking is one of the powerful things which make a dream come true. Whatever we have thought, It makes people see and feel the things above human limitation. For example, a thoughtful entrepreneur can initiate a business with their imagination. The calculation, overlook, customers everything they visualise with their thoughts.

Throughout life, people will always try to fulfill their dreams. Everyone – including children – adults thinks and imagines to run a successful life. Some people will be successful and some will be not. Taking imagination to point of the mountain is actually not a simple.

What my concern is; If these both Thinking and Imagination will be used positively then only we can step towards the success of the mountain. All our thoughts and imagination is our dream. Your positivity thought can lead towards your bright life.

Individual thought and imagination makes humans unique. Every great idea comes from a human mind which is unpredictable. Ignoring your imagination can be a great loss which makes you believe less in yourself. Because the main reason behind successful people is that; they do what they want and imagine.


  • Ranju Magar