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Implementing the plan of building 170 basic health centers in Karnali


Jajarkot: A plan to construct 170 basic health centers in Karnali province is to be implemented within the next two years.


Local people are happy to see the work being initiated. Mr. Tej Bahadur Singh of Jajarkot, Nalgad Municipality-8 said that after completion of the work, Karnali folks, primarily of remote areas, will be freed from the compulsion of walking for the entire day to visit a nearby health facility.


The scheme is being implemented in the joint initiative of the federal government and local government.


Shey Phoksundo Rural Municipality Chairman,  Mr. Tasi Tundup Gurung said that residents of Upper Dolpa who are experiencing poor health facilities in their area are happy to see work started.


The Ministry of Health and Population has ensured budget for construction of health facilities in Jajarkot, Dolpa, Kalikot, Mugu and Humla districts. The ministry has also managed the human resources needed for such health institutions.


Minister of State for Health and Population, Mr. Nawaraj Rawat said that residents of Karnali are forced to face many health issues due to lack of health facilities at easily accessible locations. The new program is expected to address such issues to some extent.


The process of establishing 44 primary healthcare centers in Jajarkot, 39 in Dolpa, 52 in Kalikot, 22 in Mugu and 13 in Humla. The ministry has also allocated budget for repair and maintenance of primary health posts in Rukum, Surkhet, Salyan, Dailekh, Jumla districts. Similarly, a 15-bed hospital will be constructed in each constituency of the district.


The pace of work related to the policy of the government has been chosen to build a health post in each ward. Last year, building a health post in 2,590 wards across the country was made with the approval of the process to construct ‘one health post in one ward’


Source: RSS