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Importance of Networking, Facts and Data Discussed in 12th Session of EmpowHER 2018


Kathmandu, August 11, 2018: From gender and sexuality, rights and responsibilities to entrepreneurship and experiential leadership, be it welcoming 9 mitinis from Kalikot or selling own products at different locations of Kathmandu for opportunity optimization, the cohort of EmpowHER 2018 have engaged in various such interactive, fun and mind boggling sessions every Saturday since the past 12 weeks.

Continuing the trend, the twelfth session of EmpowHER 2018, held on August 11 at Ujyalo Foundation, provided something new to learn for the changemakers. The day started with an experience sharing session by an alumni of EmpowHER, Keshu Khadka who shared her own inspiring stories about her journey at EmpowHER and how her experiences have shaped her. Khadka, who was also one of the members of the advising committee of EmpowHER Junior 2017, shared about her project “Syahar Sansaar” which aimed to provide support and care to women from underprivileged background in their prenatal and postnatal pregnancy phases.

The next session was on “Facts, Figure and Data” by Pramit Dabadi, Assistant Manager of Strategic Communications and Operation at FACTS Research and Analytics. He focused on the importance of data, its types and usage and also discussed the problems and solutions to get right information in the context of Nepal. The session was very interactive as the changemakers also discussed on some present day problems regarding unavailability of data and its misuse to find solutions way around.

This session was followed by a panel discussion which was first of its kind at EmpowHER 2018 and was facilitated by one the changemakers in the cohort, Alita Shrestha.The panelists of the panel discussion were Mona Aditya, the Alumni Affairs Manager at Teach For Nepal, Tulasa Amatya, the Executive Director of the Community Action Centre Nepal and Sumeera Shrestha, the Executive Director at Women for Human Rights (WHR). The topic of the discussion was “Building Connections and Network” and how it is important especially for aspiring young women leaders. The panelists not only talked about the importance of networking but also shared some of the tools and tips of building connections and our responsibilities towards our society as a citizen. The Panelists also focused on having a balance between our social, professional and personal responsibilities backing them up with some of their own real life experiences and examples. Being selective, analytic and reflective about the information received on various social media was also one of the key takeaways from the discussion.

After the panel discussion, the next session was “Story sharing” by Amuda Mishra where changemakers got to listen to her inspiring and heart touching stories of her personal life journey, how she returned from U.S. and the events that led to the inception of Ujyalo Foundation. She mainly focused on why it’s important to reinvent ourselves and make something out of crisis without getting hopeless in the hardest of the scenarios thrown by life on us.

The story sharing session was followed by the pitching of project by changemakers where they received some feedbacks to work further on. Then, the program for the day was concluded after discussing on assignments and schedules for upcoming days.

By Alita Shrestha and Soni Maharjan

Alita Shrestha and Soni Maharjan are changemakers of EmpowHER 2018.