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Importance of Reading Books


A room without a book is like a body without a soul“–Marcus Tullius Cicero

As we know, knowledge is the better key to a successful life in future and success can be gained by good education, where books play a major role. The term book’ was introduced by Johannes Gutenberg to overlap and save the time of writing form. So he wrote ‘the epic of Gilangamesh’ which was the oldest book in the history of the world.

The book is the essential thing to improve life and get a better future which we dream for. There are a variety of book that we need to study that paves our way towards our goals and vision in life. When we are in a student phase, we need to read books according to our coarse, which includes diverse subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Nepali, Accounts and many more.

Reading books is a very good habit. It makes our mind sharp, growth in creativity, increase empathy and also allow us to experience more sensation which we can really relate to express our feelings in our surrounding. It makes us more empathetic which make a good person to society, provide a lot of mental stimulation. Reading books also eases our mind and pacifies the stress we have. It also broadens our memory power and also provides improvement and refreshment to our life.

Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while keeping our minds active. Reading books to help us learn and understand and makes us smarter, not to mention the knowledge, vocabulary expansion and thinking skills we develop.

In the world, today, where information are abundant, reading print books, is one of the best ways to be informed. Though reading might seem like simple fun, it can be helping your body and mind without you even realising what is happening. Reading can be a great benefit to you in many different ways such as sharpening your mind, imagination, and writing skills.

Critically, books are really a good thing because it helps us both physically and mentally. Reading book habit can overcome our anger and also help our society to change in good prosperity and development.

According to the Statics of E-book, USA technological and mobility have influenced every step of consumer’s life, including the way they read book. Now they prefer new books which are introduced in the market because they are interested on it and that increases their IQ level also removing their mentally problem rationally.

Whenever you feel angry, confused, nervous, and stress, just open and read any practical books, such as poetry, essays, motivational, investment, life learning books. You will find and get relief and become positive, focused, energetic and creative. Books can be a great friend in life, also the medicine to cure the illness.

  • Anisha Ale Magar