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Importance of Voting Rights promulgated through ‘KAF WALKATHON’


Kathmandu, December 5, 2017: By aligning the theme of ‘We Inspire’ of KUSOM annual festival with the current status quo of Nepalese politics, the enthusiastic students from Kathmandu University School of Management organized a walkathon on December 2 to inspire people to make correct and proper use of their voting rights.

The event was endorsed by the joint secretary of Election Commission Navaraj Dhakal and the very famous Nepalese Media Personality Malvika Subba. Similarly, there was an overwhelming number of participants from institutions like Kathmandu University, Kathmandu Model College, Nepal College of Management, Little Angels College of Management, Samriddhi Foundation, AYOM organization and Padma Kanya College.

The walkathon commenced at Maitighar Mandala and was brought to a conclusion in Basantapur Durbar Square by enacting out plays showing the importance of choosing the right leaders. Similarly, in order to attract and entice a larger number of audiences various entertaining performances were also organized.

The major motive behind the conduction of this walkathon was to make people realize that each vote counts and aware the people to choose the right candidate who could make the impact.

The young minds of KUSOM believe that they comprise of the country’s future and if they take the responsibility of bringing a positive change in the country, we all can definitely be optimistic about the future that lies ahead of us.

As mentioned by Mr. Ramraj Ronil Sharma, the organizing committee member of KAF, “The event was a grand success. It would not be wrong of us to believe that the event will have a strong impact not only in the minds of students involved but also have on their respective social communities. This event will make people consider about proper utilization of their voting rights thus having a significant contribution in the coming election.”

By Mahima Poddar

The writer is currently pursuing BBA at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM).