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India-Nepal Border Summit Begins In Birgunj

ndia-Nepal Border Summit Begins In Birgunj
ndia-Nepal Border Summit Begins In Birgunj

Birgunj,19 Feb 2015: The ‘India-Nepal Border Summit 2015′ began here on Thursday with an aim to seek cordial resolution to the disputes in connection to border security and to enhance pre-historic relations between the two countries.

The two-day summit hosted by the Indian Consulate General at Birgunj will focus on security, open border market, tourism, trans-border commutation and relations at the border.

On the occasion, Indian Home Ministry’s Secretary (Border Management) Snehlata Kumar said the Indian government was eager to coordinate with Nepal for Nepal’s economic and social development. The Indian Secretary underscored the need for broadening and consolidating the friendship and understanding based on the two countries’ religious and cultural heritages since time immemorial.

Indian ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae reiterated that India always desired to see lasting peace in Nepal and political stability coupled with economic prosperity. He said the Indian government would always be prepared to play a supportive role to make the dynamic relations between Nepal and India people-oriented, and strong in the 21st century.

Ambassador Rae was of the opinion of forming ‘Border Support Council’ for holding consultation and coordination among the civil society activists of the concerned areas to minimize the challenges and problems that have repeatedly surfaced at the border. He added that the border issue was related with various states of India while calling on the Nepali government to make the most use of a separate mechanism formed under the Indian Foreign Ministry that include representation of the various states for facilitating the solution of the problems seen at the border.

At the summit former State Minister of Home, Mohammad Rijwan Ansari, Customs Department Deputy Director General Damodar Regmi and Indian Customs Patna Commissioner Kishori Lal emphasized on channelizing the opportunity of an open border for both countries’ development and prosperity while underlining the need to respect the two countries’ desire for citizens’ freedom, equality, social justice, and lasting and permanent peace and prosperity.



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