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Kathmandu, Aug. 4: PM Narendra Modi, performed a special pooja at the temple of Pashupatinath in Guashala of Kathmandu this morning. Indian Prime Minister Modi who entered the temple premises at 9:15 in the morning performed pooja for around 50 minutes. Upon arrival at the temple premises, Prime Minister Modi was welcomed with the reciting of the Vedic hymns by 108 Brahmins along with a rousing applause by a large crowd present. The special pooja or worshipping of Lord Pashupatinath by the Indian Prime Minister today on Monday in the month of Shrawan is a day considered propitious by the Hindus to offer prayers to the Lord Shiva. It may be noted that the Indian Prime Minister had already revered the opportunity (to offer pooja at Pashupatinath in the month of Shrawan) in his twitter message. He has accorded special importance to the relations of religious faith amongst the temples of Somnath in Gujarat, Biswanath in Banaras of India and Pashupatinath of Nepal. PM Modi offered sandalwood worth Rs. 30 million which is sufficient for five years, said Dr Govinda Tondon, Member-Secretary at the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT)



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