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Siddarthanagar, Aug. 4: Lumbini dwellers were elated after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in the Legislature-Parliament meeting on Sunday. Modi is on a two-day State visit to Nepal.

The locals, who were concerned over remarks made by some people in India in the past claiming that Buddha was born in India, are now happy that Indian Prime Minister Modi repeatedly mentioned that the end of violence started from Nepal, the birthplace of lord Buddha, according to Lumbini Development Trust (LDT).

Indian PM Modi’s address in the Legislature-Parliament has proved to be a good response to those who still create false claims that Buddha was born in India even though the United Nations has already certified Lumbini in Nepal, as the birthplace of Buddha, said Om Aryal, Treasurer of the LDT.

“We enjoyed when the Indian Prime Minister explained and related Lumbini, Buddha and Nepal, at a time when Lumbini has drawn the attraction of the world regarding the rumours created by some Indians,” said Bindu Chauhan, a local.

The Buddhist monks, who have been meditating at Lumbini, too, expressed their happiness hearing the address of the Indian Prime Minister by relating Buddha, Lumbini and Nepal, time and again.
The Indian Prime Minister’s address at the Parliament heightened the dignity of Lumbini, they said. RSS



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