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Indigenous leaders submit memo to PM

Indigenous Nationalities Joint Struggle Committee
Indigenous Nationalities Joint Struggle Committee

Kathmandu, Sept 2: Representatives of the Indigenous Nationalities Joint Struggle Committee have called on Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at his official residence in Baluwatar, Kathmandu today morning.

During the meeting, the indigenous nationalities’ leaders submitted a memorandum to PM Koirala, pressing for including a provision of formation of an Indigenous Nationalities Commission in the Constitution Bill, demarcation of the provinces that are in consistent with settlement maintaining inter-ethnic harmony and incorporating ‘proportional inclusiveness’ in the new constitution among other demands.

They also demanded incorporation of additional rights for the indigenous nationalities in the new constitution.

In response, PM Koirala said that every issue could be resolved peacefully through the dialogue and urged the indigenous leaders not to wage any violent protests.

“As far as your demands are concerned, I will hold discussions with other political parties’ leaders towards this end,” affirmed Koirala, appealing the visiting leaders not to demonstrate over petty pretexts.

During the meeting, he also expressed his sorrow over the loss of life and properties in Kailali, Parsa, Bara and other districts in southern plains due to the conflict stemming in protest of state delineation.

PM Koirala, also the Nepali Congress President, affirmed that the new constitution was due to be delivered through the constituent assembly, accommodating the aspirations and sentiments of as much as political parties.

“The delivery of the constitution is not for once and for all. It is neither the stone-inscription, it could be revised and amended,” argued Koirala.

“I expect a great deal of cooperation from you for peace, stability and development of the country,” stated PM Koirala, adding that all should help prevent further conflict in the country.

Recalling an incident which resulted in loss of life of people protesting the establishment of service centres in addition to the district headquarters for the delivery of government services in prompt and effective manner, PM Koirala said that this was in lack of dissemination of factual and truthful news to the public.

Stating the expectation of public had escalated towards the development since the adoption of Federal Democratic Republic system in the country, the PM said, “Now Nepal would not lag behind, development works will take stride and the country could jump quantum leap in 8-10 years.”

On the occasion, Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation Mahesh Acharya appealed the leaders not to interlink the political parties in the constituent assembly and government with the incidents of disparity in the past. According to him, these parties had struggled against the forces carrying the legacy of 240 years.

Minister Acharya said, “We are looking forward to your cooperation in delivering a new federal democratic republic constitution through the constituent assembly.”

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