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Industrial Entrepreneurs Advise Opposition To Seek Alternative Forms Of Agitation


Kathmandu,4 April 2015: Industrial entrepreneurs on Saturday spoke against being in favour of general strikes citing it posed a devastating blow to economy, but claimed they remained committed to a consensual constitution.

They urged the major political parties to put their commitments made in the past into deeds and shut down the trend of enforcing general strikes once and for all.

The entrepreneurs appealed to the UCPN (Maoist) led 30-party opposition alliance for changing the form of agitation. They also called for embarking on a path of economic prosperity at the earliest by creating an investment-friendly environment by drafting the new constitution while opposing any steps that would jeopardize such an environment in the making.

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) acting President Pashupati Murarka said the Federation was in favour of a constitution that exuded a sense of ownership for all.

“The strike launched by Prof Dr Govinda KC for reformation in the medical sector made everyone think at least once, if UCPN (Maoist) can chose such an alternative way the industrial entrepreneurs will lend their support,” he said.

Nepal Chamber of Commerce Chairman Rajeshkaji Shrestha suggested the ruling parties to leave aside their stubbornness while calling on UCPN (Maoist) including the opposition parties to not view agitation as an all encompassing subject guaranteeing solution.

“Without political stability economic prosperity cannot leap forward, so all the parties must come together to give the country a constitution immediately,” Shrestha said adding, “Agitation must be held for reasonable demands, if an alternative path to general strike is sought everyone will lend their support.”

Confederation of Nepali Industries (CNI) Vice President Hari Bhakta Sharma underlined the necessity on part of all the political parties to focus on drafting a constitution giving a sense of ownership to all the Nepali people. “Strikes can be enforced at the rate of 2 hours on a day, or the Singh Durbar can be encircled to pressure the government, but wouldn’t it be better if steps that ruin the economic sector are not taken?” Sharma questioned.

Constituent Assembly member and Civil Society advocate Shyam Shrestha said the people remained uninformed of the happenings inside the dialogue chamber between the wrangling political parties due to the trend of not having a presence of a mediator.



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