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Industries jeopardized after adoption of multiparty system : Minister Basnet

Minister for Industry Mahesh Basnet
Minister for Industry Mahesh Basnet

Bhaktapur, 2 Nov 2014: Minister for Industry Mahesh Basnet said that the industries suffered a state of jeopardy after the multi-party system was reinstated in the country post the people’s movement in 1990.

Minister Basnet also blamed it on the Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN (UML)’s coalition government for such a consequence.Basnet opined so in a student ‘Welcome and Farewell’ programme organized by Seabird College in Maddhyapur Thimi today.

He was of the opinion that the development and progress of education, communication, health, technology, among other fields were felt remarkably after multi-party system was introduced in the country.

“But the industries were always kept at bay,” Basnet opined, ‘As a result, many industries started to collapse.’

“Bansbari Leather Shoe, Bhrikuti Paper Industries, Biratnagar Jute Mills and the like were shut down after NC and CPN(UML) came to power  under multi-party system,” he continued, “The then government should take the blame for it.”

The then government leased out many lands in industrial areas for a hand-out amount, this was an utter misuse of the national property, he argued.Nepali Industrial sector has not leaped any stride afterwards, reiterated Basnet.

In his opinion, the Nepali Congress, compared to his party CPN(UML) enjoyed the great deal of leadership under multi-party system.

He also opined that the Maoists are also to blame for jeopardizing the country and hindering the growth of the industries.”Both the NC and CPN (UML) are accountable for the emergence of the Maoist party,”  he said. “Both parties should introspect and assess about it.

Minister Basnet, who himself belongs to Bhaktapur, committed to the audience that he will leave no stone unturned for the development of Bhaktapur.”I will never do anything that makes the people of Bhaktapur lose their face,” he further promised.

On the occasion, Minister Basnet facilitated Sangita Prajapati, who topped the merit from the public school in last SLC exam.

At the programme, the District Education Office, Ramakanta Sharma, former Mayor of the Bhaktapur municipality Madan Krishna Shrestha, Principal of the Seabird College Shiva Krishna Shrestha, among others highlighted the need for making Bhaktapur an educational hub.

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