Industry Minister Basnet pledges industrial village in every constituency  

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Industry Minister Basnet pledges industrial village in every constituency

Kawasoti,18 Nov 2014: The government is working with the concept of establishing an industrial village in all the 240 electoral constituencies to discourage migration of youths abroad for employment.  Lack of employment opportunities in the country has forced around 1,500 youths to go for foreign employment every day, Minister for Industry Mahesh Basnet said.

One industrial village will offer employment to 200 youths, he added.

Addressing a gathering of business community close to the CPN (UML) in Nawalparasi today, Minister Basent, who represents the UML in the government, stressed the state should invest in skill-oriented and technical education.

State investment (Rs 80 billion) in formal education has turned less productive, and now time has come to increase investment in skill enhancement of people to make the country prosperous, he said.  Agriculture, water resources and tourism are the bases for a prosperous Nepal, he said, pledging the establishment of industrial training centre in 14 places in the country targeting youth.

The Ministry has initiated a process of scrapping licenses granted to four foreign companies for extracting petroleum reserve following no-progress on them, the Industry Minister said, sharing the information that he has already urged the body concerned to address problems of sugarcane farmers. He pledged to fix the price of sugarcane this season on time.

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