Industry ministry not in state priority, says minister Basent

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Parasi, Nov 18: Minister for Industry Mahesh Basnet has stated that the Industry Ministry has been established as the government body not in the priority of the state.

He argued that the state has recognized the Ministry only in paper not in practice.  During a press meet organised by Press Chautari Nepal Nawalparasi at Sunwal today, the Industry Minister accused the government of not allocating necessary budget to the Ministry.

The Minister further shared that the Ministry has planned to establish ‘special economic zone’ in different 11 places in the country to promote export trade and reduce the import rate. He admitted that the Ministry failed to announce a programme for youth employment.

Nepal is rich in natural resources including gold, petroleum, iron and limestone reserve and the government is thinking to systematize such resources.

He further stressed the need of restructuring the ministry and controlling revenue leakage in the country.

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