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Influencer Marketing in Nepal

Influencer Marketing in Nepal Ajay Pandey

According to MediaKix, 61% of marketers find it difficult to find the right influencers and work with them. This is a time when people in social media are with thousands of fake followers, likes and so on. Here is the process of how one can find and benefit from influencer marketing.

Finding Right influencers

Until we are sure about our customers, it will be even more difficult to find the right influencer. Priyanka Karki might have massive followers, but her followers are not going to care about your gadgets. So, proper research is necessary for finding influencers. Although there are different websites like buzzsumo.com and ninjaoutreach.com these sites cannot help to find the right influencers in the context of Nepal. For that, you need to survey the customer group you are targeting. The influencer might be the person who you have never heard of. Recommendation from the right influencers can maximize your sales for sure. Choose the influencers who have good engagement not who have a high number of followers.

Exclusive content

Marketing is about creating brand awareness about the product. Giving early access to influencers before it is launched in the market can help to create brand awareness in the market. The best example of it can be the “Jigri” campaign of Coca-Cola. People knew and were talking about it even before it was launched.


Just awareness is not going to help in the long term. The information should be delivered uniquely and continuously; not only sharing graphics/video content online is enough. Storytelling must be done from the end of the influencer so that the audience remembers it for a longer period. Influencers can engage the audience from different give away contest with your product. Influencers should share it in a way that the audience can relate to themselves.

If these things are taken care of before planning any campaign using influencer marketing the outcomes will be fruitful to the brand.

-Ajay Pandey