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Influential Entrepreneur: Ms. Samridhi Gyawali


Ms. Sambridhi Gyawali, is an Executive Director at Nepal Republic Media. Nepal Republic Media was envisioned to be a powerful voice in pursuit of truth and encourage independent thinking. Established in 2009, Nepal Republic Media (NRM) Private Limited has become one of the leading and most respected media houses in the country today. Apart from running two broadsheet daily newspapers – Nagarik (in Nepali) and Republica (in English), NRM publishes a Nepali weekly tabloid – Shukrabar – and two online news sites – Nagariknews and myrepublica, With a dedicated team of professional journalists and managers, NRM has managed to carve a niche in the ever-growing Nepali media scene, making serious impact on the society and influencing the decision-makers.

Ms. Gyawali is also the member of Entrepreneurship Organization. She completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Sydney. Her core competencies include Marketing skills and management, communications, business development, project management, leadership, Team Management and so on. She is one of the most influential entrepreneur of the country.