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Infrastructural Development at TIA


Kathmandu: A Chinese state-owned company has won the bid to construct key infrastructure at the Tribhuvan International Airport, which has been the cause of strong congestion at the country’s sole international airport for the past three years.

According to the Airport Authority, China National Aero Technology International Engineering Corporation, a state-owned enterprise specializing in airport construction, has emerged as the lowest bidder to build the facility.

Chief of the Airport up-gradation project under the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Mr. Murari Bhandari said that they will formally sign an agreement with the company soon.

The company has quoted Rs 6.92 billion for the project. On the north side of the runway in the scope of this project. 2.1 million cubic meters of soil are supplied with15 new international parks being constructed.

Bhandari added that it is the same company that has completed the runway and taxiway restoration of the Tribhuvan International Airport. The company having a lot of equipment and manpower and expect the project to start soon.

As a result, the completion of the first phase of the Tribhuvan International Airport Improvement Project had to be returned by 2022. It was initially scheduled to be completed by March 2016.

The $ 92-million project is jointly funded by the Government ($ 12 million) and the Asian Development Bank ($ 80 million in loans and grants) and is the longest-running Asian Development Bank project implemented on December 6, 2010. The multilateral funding agency has since been studying a fresh funding modality for 2020, according to the civil aviation officials.

The Airport Improvement Project, now known as the Tribhuvan International Airport Air Transport Capacity Improvement Project, was disbanded in four packages after being sent to the original contractor in December 2016. The other three packages have already been compromised, project officials said.

According to data released by the airport, In 2018, 4.34 million international passengers traveled through the airport. In 2017, an increase of 11.70 percent, this data shows that Tribhuvan International Airport handled 11,898 international travelers daily. Similarly, domestic airlines flew 2.84 million passengers in 2018, up 19.22 percent from the 2017 figure.

Source: TKP