Initiation Of Formal Talks Positive: Speaker Nembang

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Initiation Of Formal Talks Positive: Speaker Nembang

Kathmandu,6 March 2015: Speaker Subash Nembang has said the initiation of formal talks among the political parties on the disputed contents of the constitution was a very positive sign.

At a discussion organized by the Ministry of Law, Justice, Constituent Assembly and Parliamentary Affairs on the proposed civil code on Friday, Speaker Nembang hoped that the parties would forge consensus on the disputed contents of the constitution next day.

“CA was postponed for giving time to the political parties for building consensus. So, recent talks among the parties are positive efforts,” he said, adding that the civil code was being made timely and the legislation committee was zeroing in on every section of the code.

On the occasion, Minister for Law, Justice, CA and Parliamentary Affairs, Narahari Acharya, said that the discussion was underway on the bill relating to the civil code for the amendment citing the code was 162 years old.

According to him, time has come for the amendment in the laws in view of the socio-economic and political changes.

A taskforce was constituted to prepare the draft of the civil code in 2061 BS. The taskforce comprised the national and international experts in the coordination of then Justice at Supreme Court Khilraj Regmi.

The civil code bill 2067 was under consideration in the parliament committee during the first CA. So, it is now being discussed in the legislation committee of the second CA.

The civil code deals with division of properties among family members, cases on family properties and others.




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