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Initiation of Smart Driving Permit “Mass Printer” by DoTM


Kathmandu: The Department of Transportation (DOTM) began printing smart driving licenses through Mass Printer, providing hope to thousands of service seekers who do not have their smart driver’s permission.

Although the department imported a high-quality printer in September to address the growing demand for smart driving licenses, the operation of the printer was delayed citing technical reasons.

The Department of Transportation (DOTM), Director General, Mr. Gogan Bahadur Hamal informed that the printer has been brought into operation. He said-“Thousands of service-seekers have been waiting for months to get their smart driving licenses. By bringing the mass printer into operation, we aim to issue the smart driving permit to all service-seekers within April next year.”

According to him, the new mass printer can print up to 450 smart cards in an hour. Through the printer will operate for eight hours a day, and that will be used for more hours soon under different shifts.

Hamal also informed that they are planning to use the printer in three shifts of seven hours each, to print smart driving licenses and will be able to issue smart driving licenses to all pending service-seekers within the next four months. The department will be able to issue smart driving licenses on the same day that a service-seeker passes vehicles trial within a few months.

DoTM has not been able to issue smart driving licenses to almost 800,000 service-seekers who had applied for renewal of old license or had passed vehicle trial almost one year ago due to insufficient printing capacity with the department,

The department plans to print almost 240,000 smart driving licenses in a month and has expected to print up to 8,000 driving licenses in one day.

Source: THT