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Have you installed ‘Prathamik Upachar’ on your phone? This app by Nepal Red Cross Society guides you through first aid processes in various emergency situations


Kathmandu, July 21, 2017: Nepal Red Cross Society on Thursday released a mobile app ‘Prathamik Upachar’ in presence of celebrated comedian artist duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya.

The app was released envisioning to spread the knowledge and skills of first aid to Nepalese living across the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Madan Krishna Shrestha commended the work of Nepal Red Cross Society on adopting digital measures to reduce the loss of lives in various emergency situations. “This work of Red Cross to present information concerning the primary treatment to reduce the loss of life through technology is very commendable,” he said.

Similarly, the other prominent guest Hari Bansha Acharya shared that Red Cross is doing an exemplary job on the humanitarian service sector. “The app, taking first aid information in everyone’s access through mobilephone, will hugely contribute to saving people’s lives. Releasing of the app is an important work of Nepal Red Cross Society,” he said.

This simple and free first aid app will help you to access important/necessary information in emergency situations and save lives.

The audio/visual contents will help you learn about first aid process in an easy and fun way. It will provide you with measures to apply in various emergency situations like earthquake, fire, flood, flu epidemics, loo, sea storm, hurricane, volcano, etc.

  • This is an offline app, and you can use it without the internet once you download on your phone.
  • It helps you learn about first aid process.
  • You can even test your knowledge, and take a quiz on first aid process in various emergency situations.
  • There are also emergency numbers to contact, while you are abroad (in almost every country of the world.)
  • It also guides you through blood donation process, and organizing blood donation programs.

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Some of the downsides:
  • The app is available in Nepali language only. So, the app might be out of access for many, who might not be comfortable to use app in Nepali version.
  • The app (Android version) is too large on size, 48.55 MB. So, it eats up a large space of your phone memory.

The app is available to download on Google Play Store as well as App Store.

Feature Photograph: Nepal Red Cross Society

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal