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Intellectual concerned over political instability

Intellectual concerned over political instability
Intellectual concerned over political instability

Kathmandu, Jan 21: The country’s intelligentsia has expressed concern over the growing political instability in the country due to the confrontation among the political parties of late.

Speaking in an interaction on the ongoing transition and the question of constitution writing organised by the Nepal Intellectuals Forum here today, the members of the civil society expressed dismay as the parties resorting to vandalism and attacks instead of concentrating on issuing a new constitution, in the context of just a day remaining for the date fixed by the parties to issue the statute.

They are worried the country might slide into a confrontation due to the Monday night’s hooliganism and attack inside the Constituent Assembly hall instead of getting a constitution.

Prof Dr Surendra KC alleged that the leaders of a few political parties are holding the country hostage to indecision at a time when the nation had to be geared towards economic and social development by issuing the new constitution. He called on the civil society including the country’s intelligentsia to rise up and build positive pressure on the leaders to issu a new constitution at the earliest for political stability.

Forum chairman Dr KB Rokaya urged the leaders to immediately stop the intra- and inter-party groupism and confrontation so as to promulgate the new constitution in time by incorporating the aspirations of the oppressed, marginalized and the minority communities.

Stating adequate debate has not been held on federalism issue, he suggested that the federalism issue could be deferred to be sorted out sometimes in future and issuing the new constitution on the slated date.

Forum Secretariat Member Dr Lalan Chaudhary stressed on the need of banishing criminal activities like killing, violence, rape and abduction of people and restoring the rule of law.

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