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Interfaith leaders expressed concerted effort for media engagement for peace building


Kathmandu: The Interfaith leaders from all over Nepal gathered to highlight the interfaith dialogue for the peace building in the nation in collaboration with media and other stakeholders.

At the dialogue program held by the Interfaith Peace Federation of Nepal in support of the United Mission to Nepal at Arial International Hotel Pvt.Ltd on the title, “Interfaith Dialogue and Media Engagement for Peace Building.“President of IPFN, Mr.Ram Bhakta Kurumbang emphasized the importance of maintaining religious tolerance, co-existence and collaboration up to the standard expected by the world community.

He provided a brief history of interfaith involvement in Nepal and said that it was initiated since 2064 BS when all the religious leaders from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Kirat, Islam, Bahai, Jain, Sikh, and other faith came together to address against the Moist insurgence for peace by forming an interfaith community.

Stressing on the objectives of IPFN he said that the main values of interfaith are to promote peace and goodwill, co-existence, unity during the common issues, mutual respect and co-ordination and creating the society without any discrimination.

Interfaith and Media Researcher, Mr.Narendra Pande facilitating the overall principle of interfaith dialogue presented the brief paper presentation about the interfaith, interfaith dialogue and media engagements. The paper presentation involved the topics of interfaith dialogue, media partnership and interaction with interfaith, peace building through interfaith dialogue and media engagements.

He said- “Interfaith dialogue is a process where a religious understanding of various religious denominations is exchanged and understood incorporating, accepting and listening to the teachings of other religions and putting opinions of one particular.”

He mentioned that freedom from cultural violence can lead to peace building such as the situation of uplifting the woman of Madhesi communities, self-acceptance,and realization of relationship, change in attitude and behaviors between Pahade and Madhesi and supporting conflict affected woman.

He warned the media person saying that media should not manipulate the truth, misrepresent others and carry irresponsible journalism, but should convert conflict to cooperation, controversy to constructive dialogue and crisis to a celebration.

Mr. Prabhat Chalaune, Former Secretary of Nepali Journalists Federation and current chief editor in Nonstopkhabar.com expressed that religions are a lifestyle and the solving issues through dialogue is a positive step of IPFN.

Ms. Seema Khan, Chairperson of Interfaith Alliance for Peace emphasized that interfaith dialogue should focus on equity and equality and not giving special priority to a particular religion.