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International Conference on Peace, Environment and Tourism 2020


Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal, Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA) Nepal and other partners have teamed up to organize an Asia-Pacific conference on “Peace, Environment and Tourism” in Nepal in May 2020. The conference aims to initiate a high-level dialogue among key stakeholders of the 3 sectors and culminate with actionable implemented via youth social enterprise models.

The conference aims to bring together the knowledge, experience and practices in three seemingly diverse but closely interrelated areas of peace, environment and tourism. These themes will be connected to advance the cause of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through youth social enterprise approach.

This conference will build on Smart and Green City initiatives, International Young Leaders Assembly and the Global Youth Summit to bring youth, researchers, social enterprise practitioners, policymakers and planners, government and international development agencies, civil society organizations and corporate. Thus, peace and the environment have an intricate relationship, and tourism is both an instrument and casualty when peace is diminished. In addition to these relationships, peace, tourism and the environment are components of national and international initiatives including Nepal 2020 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Udhyami Yuwa Challenge is a part of Peace, Environment and Tourism Conference Nepal 2020.

The theme of the event – “Building Sustainable Peace through Tourism & Environmental Solutions”.

The event is going to be held from the 8th of May to 9th of May 2020.

Early Bird Registration: March 15, 2020

Link: https://petconference.org.np/