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International Day of Happiness: 20 March


Happiness is an attribute which shows from our facial expression. Happiness is the fulfilment and pleasure of our needs in our day to day life. It is a key factor for living a good and healthy life so 20thof March is marked as ‘International Day of Happiness which was officially announced in 2013 June 28 by the UN resolution for the creation of the day and was infamously accepted happiness by the member state at the UN General Assembly.

As well as the year 2015 Friday 14 July is the happiest day of the year comparing another year because on that day psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall antidote to the ‘Blue Monday if you will’ which took place on third Monday in January. Apart from that, there were many on this international happiness day but there was the best them in last year. (2019) the theme was entitled by ‘happier together‘. According to Dr.Cliff, sometimes many people feel sad either happy but at this blue Monday, people feel extremely sad because at that time those people had been sad, feel lazy and exerted thus after a long period of holiday and many more other things like new year, Christmas.

They feel very low, they feel zapped and sometimes got anxiety because they don’t have enough money, that time they have to work all the time so they feel unwell about that matter so Dr. Cliff creates an antidote name ‘Blue Monday if you will’ for the wellbeing of the people to eliminate the anxiety and do good and be good in future.

Most of the people feel sad which depends upon the situation if the changing season made sad than this will be a physical health problem but if someone fills dizzy and sad by the meantime then that will be mental and blue Monday so we have to choose to be happy. We should be healthy, physically and mentally sound to be happy.

There are many ways to celebrate happiness or to be happy like doing exercise which helps us to keep physically fresh, sleeping at least 8 hours makes our mental and physical situation stable which contributes towards the happiness. We also spend more time with our friends and family and visit different places to keep our mood good and fresh which helps to heal our mental stress.

Accordingly, we may help others which make us feel good and pleasure along with that we must maintain pleasure personality and do meditate to maintain our happiness and to be happy forever as well as we can do a plethora of other things to be happy which start with me not you.

Happiness is also a compromise because sometime we can’t fulfil our every desire; for example, if we let two children in a room with different personality for 5 hours one of kind personality and other greedy; the kind children will be automatically happy to let everything to another because those children learn to happy by compromising things not because he can’t snatch things from the greedy child but he is happy with letting his toys to him so whatever the reason of happiness. We must feel happy rather than the victim of mental health.

At last, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated in the whole world in 20 of March to inspire mobilize and advance the global happiness movement for the people to have a healthy and happy life.

  • Anisha Ale Magar