International Day of People with Disability to be observed

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International Day of People with Disability to be observed

Kathmandu,1 Dec 2014: The National Federation of the Disabled (NFD), Nepal is going to observe the 23rd International Day of People with Disability, that falls on December 3, amidst various programmes, the NFDN said.

The Federation organizing a press meet here today shared that a Main Organizing Committee, chaired by the Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Ms Nilam KC, will be formed so as to observe this day in a grand manner.

On the occasion, Sudarshan Subedi, the chairperson of the NFDN, demanded that the government ensure the political rights, the representation and participation of the differently able people at the policy-making level.

Urging for the earliest implantation of the International Conventions ratified by Nepal as the Convention on the Rights of the Disabled Persons 2006 and Incheon Strategy, Chairperson Subedi also appealed to attach high priority to the issues of the Differently Able by incorporating their rights under the Fundamental Rights in the new constitution.

In response to the Chairperson’s appeal, Ms Humkala Pandey and Mr Shanker Prasad Pathak, the Joint-Secretaries at the Ministry for Women, Children and Social Welfare, cast light on the various works undertaken by the Ministry in view of the welfare of the differently able.

According to the Joint-Secretaries, the government is distributing Rs 300 as a social security allowance to the differently able bearing the ‘Blue Card’ from this year.

At the programme, the Government representatives also appraised about various initiatives the government is undertaking to secure the welfare of the differently able.

Statute endorsing the  effective implementation of the International Convention on the Persons with Disability 2006, incorporating the issues of the differently able in the Health Policy and the Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for them, ensuring their access to promotional programmes as education, health, employment and self-employment.

The theme for this year’s International Day of Persons with Disability is ‘Sustainable Development: the Promise of Technology’.

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