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International Management Conference 2017 concludes in town


The event saw presentation of 80 research papers, presence of 22 foreign delegates, and the participation of more than 500 enthusiasts

Kathmandu, March 7, 2017: The two-days-long International Management Conference on the theme ‘Emerging issues and challenges in management: Developing talent, building organization and creating a future’ (UC-EICM-2017), organized by Uniglobe College in Kathmandu, has come to an end today.

The objective of the conference was to bring together educationists, scholars, professors, practitioners of management, business and economics from across the world to discuss various issues that demand on developing talent, building organization and creating a future. The event was a means to reach out to people with an interest in these area and to create the much required space to encourage and nurture young scholars in management.

The conference was mainly focused on four themes: human resource management, corporate governance issues & challenges, finance and marketing management issues and challenges, and financial services management issues & challenges. As part of each theme, keynote address and invited speakers from India, Bangladesh, Slovenia and Nepal addressed critical contemporary issues.

Speakers on the occasion debated on employee satisfaction in merged banks, consumer satisfaction in public transport, job satisfaction and various issues of HR in different industries from banking, multinational, telecommunication, manufacturing to technological companies. Assistant Professor, Dr. Sucheta Ratnakar Dalvi from Savitribai Phule Pune University, India discussed on the problem of work life balance among the women police in Pune city. Meanwhile, Dr. Kamini Kumari from Jharkhanda India presented on Managerial skill for stimulating exceptional employees. Similarly, Dr. Balakrishna P. Adhau, Department of Commerce, Takshashila Mahavidyalaya Amravati, India gave an insight on Human Resource Management.

Scholars also presented papers on corporate governance, its impact in banks, enterprise, insurance companies, government organizations. Prof. Nutan Dumbre, Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts from Arkurdia, Pune gave an insight on development of students as an entrepreneur. Dr. A. Arun Kumar from Osminia University discuss on knowledge retention. Similarly, Dr. A. Ibemcha Chanu & Mr. Anup Karmakar from Assam University gave an insight on Entrepreneurial Intensity Among the Rural Women.

Finance and marketing management issues and challenges was also discussed in the conference. Issues from in the field of marketing among different industries was presented by the students. Dr. Rabi Narayan Padhi, Research Fellow from CRIMM and IIMM, India presented on way forward vibrant role of supply chain manager in value chain. Ms. Smita Mohapatra, Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohapatra, & Dr. Asheesh Pandey of Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi, India gave detail on Fiscal Policy in India: Assessing Fiscal Prudence and Fiscal Sustainability.

The papers addressed questions like whether the implementation of corporate governance has brought the impact in organization or not? What kind of motivation programs to present employees brings productivity in the organization? What marketing activities needs to be endorsed by organization to bring larger sales revenue? What are the present financial problems and how are current human resources going to address them?

The session also saw enlightening sessions on how changing environment in business, economy, politics and other factors are directly making an impact in management of the organization. Are these issues addressed in the organization? Are the human resource able to cope with the changing scenario in the organization? What recommendation can we give to bring more results and productivity? Addressing these issues in by research, dialogue and discussion were the key takeaways from the conference.