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International Women’s Day 2020: March 8


In 1908, women’s inequality and oppression led to campaigns for change. Since the radical women movement began, the world has seen a tremendous change and attitudinal shift in both society’s and women’s thoughts about emancipation and equality. International Women’s Day is now an official holiday in many nations.

Therefore women’s day is celebrated on 8th of March every year to pay regard, to pay the tribute to all the forms of women and also for the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of the women all over the world. This day is all recognized as “The working women’s day”.  In 1909 February 28 this day was celebrated for the first time which was organized by the socialist party of America. Later in 1910 socialists were impressed by American socialist during the international women’s conference and proposed the establishment of international women’s day to appreciate the love and sacrifices of the women all over the world.

In most of these countries, International Women’s Day is almost equivalent in status to Mother’s Day, when men honour their wives, mothers, or girlfriends with flowers and presents and children give presents to their moms and grandmothers. An international tapestry of diverse and rich traditions connect women of all colours worldwide, ranging from business conferences, network events, and government activities through local women’s fashion parades, theatrical performances, and crafts markets.

On this day different functions, programs, rallies and gathering are arranged all over the world to appreciate and give regard to the women of the world. It is also an occasion for looking back on the past struggles and accomplishments, and more importantly for looking ahead for new opportunities and potential for the new generation in the future for the women’s all around the world.

International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020 celebrates the expression: ‘Each For Equal’ and the theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. Equality has been a decade-long topic of discussion, not just for women but for the whole society. International Women’s Day comes and goes every year. But it fails to account for the diverse grievances, needs, and expectations of women in varied contexts. Some criticize it as an occasion that turns the recognition of women and their achievements into an exceptional circumstance, a day-long celebration on the 8th of March. After that, normality resumes – a normality in which the patriarchy dismisses issues affecting women, and in which women are discriminated against, harassed, and marginalized on a daily basis.

Although women have gone through their bitter-sweet struggle for over a century of attaining equality in all spheres, the situation is nowhere close to what it should be. Gender inequality is still widely prevalent in this so-called progressive environment.

  • Harish Chaudhary