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International Youth Day 2018: “Safe Space for Youth”

International Youth Day 2018:

Youths are the active population and positive change makers besides their age limit. International Youth Day 2018, August 12 is the auspicious day for youth all over the world. According to the UNDESA United Nation Division for Inclusive Social Development Youth, global youth needs a space to come together, get engaged in activities related to their diverse needs and interest, participate in the decision-making process and freely express themselves.

Taking about Nepal, Youth has covered the 40.35 % of the population. Youth have been actively working on and working for youth. Many of them are contributing to the society and adding value to the national market through business and services. Many of them are building, promoting, and encouraging many infrastructures, remittances, and motivations to youth respectively. The prominent example of change ranges from a digital influence of youth through major political movement by Ranju Darshana, 22 to the level of international achievement owned by Sandeep Lamichanne, 18. UN divides the safe space into three spaces: civic, public and digital spaces.

Civic space for youth

Civic space is defined as space where youth can engage collectively regarding governance issues and organizing programs or campaigns to prevent the direct and indirect influence of government, business, police, law or extremities groups. They collect the hot issues around them and analyze the possibilities and reasons to mitigate the factors.

In Nepal, the civic organizations  are Yuwa, Youth Initiatives, Restless Development, Debate Network Nepal, Association of Youth Organizations Nepal, Yatra, United Youth, Youth Engagement in Sustainability, etc. These organizations are involved to create an effort to encourage the government to take more prominent action for young people and prioritize the amendments on National Youth Policy. The government body National Planning Commission is tied up with these organizations for constant progress putting a national agenda for youth development. They also promote Youth Civic Participations.

This space is necessary for youth because each generation comes up with improvement, changes, and modifications. By the time laws need amendments, the norms and rules are changed according to the updates on education and technologies, the systems need to be upgraded, and many more issues that might be un-prioritized by the government. Many negative issues and incidents might happen where a youth with his change-making ability is required to form a group and work to make the development in the nation and then the world.

Public space for youth

Public space is a space where youth are physically gathered together to seek the opportunity, play sports and excel on it, utilize the leisure activities to innovative and skillful training and competitions and always get involved in the community. The organizations like We Inspire Nepal, Teach for Nepal, Ujyalo Foundation, Tootle, Glocal Pvt. Ltd. provide programs like campaigns, seminars, training, motivational seminars and projects that are focused on the development of youth in every sector. The space for recreational activities or workshops for learning any skills comes under public space.

Public space comes up with a physical platform that on meeting up in places with further safety will provide the youth to open up with any idea or innovations, learn skills from the expertise, work out on the plan with other youth, gain the knowledge about the national rates and many more.

Digital space for youth

Digital space is a space that provides youth to interact virtually and involve in the programs and campaigns across the border. Everyone can be connected virtually and be informed about the events, issues that arose across the world and get updated about the live country rates. The digital space also provides a platform for youths to speak out and share ideas to mitigate the issues regarding global and local issues.

In Nepal, there are many rising YouTubers, troll makers, innovators for different apps that eases daily lifestyles, and many digital innovators emerging in Nepal. They are not only utilizing the social network to earn fame and money but they are providing the knowledge of the actual and possible picture of Nepali society.

Digital space being safe will globalize the outreach of the youths from one nation to another. The exchange of ideas, innovations, social issues, mitigating factors, strategies, policies, and many more are possible with digital space.

Safely always is a factor to encourage anything and the theme of the year being safe space for youth will provide a lot of exposure to numerous possibilities for more rapid development resulting to more secure society and more prominent change in the global level.

Wishing Youth of Nepal and all over the world a “Happy International Youth Day 2018” from Glocal Khabar to celebrate the day inspiring, innovating, recreating yourself and youths around you. Glocal Khabar supports and will support the power of youth for positive change and will be continuing to provide the digital space for youth.

By: Sampada Dahal