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Internet access at Chepang settlement

Internet access at Chepang settlement
Internet access at Chepang settlement

Ratnagar (Chitwan), Oct 6: Gone are the days when Chepangs, a marginalised ethnic community, confined themselves in managing hand-to-mouth existence, let along other modern services and facilities.

Thanks to the Green School Programme (GSP), now the Chepang students at Korak in Chitwan have access to internet service, which has brought change in their lifestyle lately, while connecting them to the world through the facility.   The programme is being implemented at the Rastriya Primary School (RPS) at Charkilla in Chitwan and local Swamitar Secondary School (SSS).   Raju Acharya, executive director of the Friends of Nature, an NGO run by the GSP, said that Chepang students at the RPS and SSS are availing of the service in various ways.

He said that the children at these schools communicate with children at a Germany-based primary school and are learning from them about behavioural changes and conservation. The Germany-based school has friendly relations with the RPS and SSS lately.   The Germany-based school provides vocational skills on the conservation of environment and organic agriculture among others.   With this, lifestyle of the Chepang children, who once used to kill wildlife and birds, has changed and they are united now to conserve the environment, wildlife and birds.

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