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Internet Censorship in Bangladesh and Youth


Bangladesh, November 20, 2015: Internet censorship has been a notorious technique used by various governments around the world to regulate the information available for the public. In Bangladesh, this is second time face book has been censored since 2010. According to Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Facebook, and other messaging application like Viber and Watssapp has been blocked due to “security concerns” and they will be restored once the political situation of Bangladesh will get better.

This action of government has put Bangladesh again in the top ten lists of countries which have banned social media sites. Censoring of media sends a negative message to international community.

In the past few decades Social Media has become an important way of communication. Social Media has also emerged as a powerful tool to shape ideas.  In political context, it has been an important resource for political information to find likeminded people and political campaigning.

Youth comprising highest number of global internet users are most likely to get impacted by social Media sites. Regulating information delivery through internet is also regulating ideas of theses this targeted age group.

Demographically Bangladesh is a youth dominant country. In the emerging ideologies of Democracy, youth of Bangladesh is striving hard to take part in the political process. When the ideologies of youth do not concede with the actions of government, their frustration is most likely gets shared on the social media sites. This poses potential threats for the stability of contemporary governments. In such situations theses popular youth sites gets banned.

In this era of internet boom, regulating information even by great firewalls is nearly impossible. Banning internet might be effective to control political situation for a short period of time, but in long run it becomes ineffectual. Youth may be struggling to get some political voice, but in long run they will be leading future governments.

By : Javeria, Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Bangladesh


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