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Internship Opportunities at MIC Nepal


An internship can change your life. Everything you need to know to further your career will be taught during the internship period at Unlimited and after attending it, you’ll know why doing internships is so crucial to your career.

– An intern at Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) Nepal

Categories of Internship Opportunities:

IT Pro Internship
If you really want to develop your career as an IT Professional, here is your chance to take the first step.

Skill Up Internship

Skill Up Internship is a 7-week program where selected participants get the opportunity to develop their technical skills and at the same time also able to get a chance to work on live projects. If you really want to develop your own career as a software developer, here is a chance to take the first step.

Opportunities for the interns:

Project Development

Each and every intern at Unlimited is going to be not only learning soft skills, but also hard skills and most importantly will be converting this knowledge to practical terms.

Professional Mentoring

Senior Developers and IT Professionals at our organization will be training you along with mentoring you to ensure that you convert from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Benefits of the Internship:

  • Skills and knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technologies
  • Buddy Program to ensure a senior professional as mentor
  • Interns coming into the program also earn a small stipend
  • Unlike other organizations that may charge a fee, Unlimited Internship has no costs associated with it, though it might be very competitive to get into.
  • A mixture of both class-room training on cutting-edge technologies as well as to be able to apply this knowledge into practical solutions and apps
  • Possibility of sitting through Certification to get global recognition for the skills and knowledge you gain from the program.

For Oct 2016 Intake for IT Pros: Apply here.

For Oct 2016 Intake for Developers: Apply here.