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Interview with Abishek Maskey, Corporate Roadies Winner


Kathmandu, April 15, 2016: Abhisek Maskey, corporate roadies winner is an MBA student, brand and relationship officer at King’s College and also the interim CEO at Ebeema.

Previously, he started working as an accountant even though he dreamt of being a banker after returning back to Nepal in the year 2011 by completing Bachelors in Business Management from Bangalore, India. He started exploring the marketing field when he was bored of numbers. He worked as the program coordinator of a mural art project called Kolor Kathmandu. After the project, he was involved as the director of marketing and public relations (PR) officer for Edushala.

Abhisek believes in being busy and doesn’t like settling down with what he has. Even though he might look patient, he is a very impatient person. His interest includes art and designing, and is not at all fond of rules. He says the only way to keep him motivated is the fear of failing.

In conversation with Glocal Khabar, he shares his experiences and learning during Corporate Roadies event.

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The challenges during the event

When we asked about the biggest challenge for him during the 3-day competition, he said it was time management and lack of sleep as he could hardly sleep for 7 hours in 53 hours.


The major learning experiences from the event

Collaboration over competition was his major learning from the 3-day event. During the competition, he had collaborated with the other participants from King’s College, which he believes was the most important reason behind his success.

He explained with excitement that even though the event was very hectic and competitive, he learned a lot about consistency, learning from mistakes and the importance of coming out of the comfort zone. He also added that his focus was on winning more than making others lose. He suggests that it is better not to let go your passion, keep calm (don’t get angry soon) and keep learning from every little thing around you.


Your experience during the event

“At first, I thought the whole event was really stupid, but as the program went on, I realized every little task inside the event had a deeper meaning. Preparing 3 presentations in less than 53 hours, figuring out the missing numbers out of 1000 numbers, article reviews, case studies, impromptu speech, waking up at 4 AM and getting ready within 5 mins and many other such things made me realize that I could actually work under pressure. There were times when I felt like I was hallucinating due to lack of sleep.”


Personal goals and ambitions

“I am a kind of person who loves trying out different things. I am passionate about art and education. If I get a chance, I would want to combine art, education and business together and do something out of it.”

He also added that his focus has always been on being a better person compared to what he was yesterday.

He would like to recommend every person to do things that scares them the most. For example, if you are scared of heights, you should definitely try bungee jumping or paragliding. He strongly believes in following short term goals with an ultimate vision behind it. He says, “Think short term but don’t stop thinking. I believe that quick wins keep you motivated and these small steps can help you reach your ultimate dream.”


Message to the youths

“Firstly, I think no one looks up to me as their inspiration, but if they do, my advice would be to not let go what you are passionate about. Steve Jobs once said that you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So, don’t give up on what you are passionate about, you will find a way to connect it with the work you do. Failure is failure if you can’t back it up with success. Don’t try to be the next Steve Jobs or the next Bill Gates, because the world needs the first YOU.”


By Sangita Tiwari

Senior Reporter, Glocal Khabar