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Exclusive interview with Evana Manandhar, Miss Nepal 2015

Evana Manandhar, Miss Nepal 2015 Photo Courtesy: Sangeet Poudel
Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar
Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar

Evana Manadhar was crowned as this year’s Miss Nepal 2015. She won the title competing 19 finalist. She also grasped other three title as “ Miss Intellect”, “ Miss Personality” and “Gosh  Girl” along with the grand title of Miss Nepal.

23-year-old, Evana enjoys networking, communicating, dancing, and swimming and loves to travel. Evana describes herself as an extrovert, a spontaneous person and a people-person. She loves singing and dancing in her free time and has a passion for travelling.She wants to implement and develop all of her entrepreneurship and marketing skills in sole business venture of her own. She also holds “Dean’s Excellence Award (marketing)” and “International Student Year Award”.

In conversation with Glocal Khabar, Miss Nepal 2015, Evana Manandhar shares her experience in Miss Nepal journey and gives an inspirational opinion regarding youth, entrepreneurship in Nepal and life.

Being Miss Nepal from a normal girl, at this turning point of life she says,

“As a Miss Nepal, I am very humbled, happy. Life has transformed overnight so the feel of celebrity is yet to come. The crown and responsibility in my head has given me more motivation and leadership, empowerment but I am still that little, sweet girl and daughter of my mom and dad and I don’t want to lose my identity. “

While sharing her experience during the contest and finale event, she says,

“Once a Miss Nepal, always a Miss Nepal, though you win miss world or not. I became Miss Nepal because of believing in myself. On the stage, all answers I gave were straight from my heart and I take all pride and dignity in my confidence. I was not in fear of losing or hope of winning rather I was being myself and give my best. I am happy that I got other three titles which I really wanted to get beside Miss Nepal. “

Evana Manandhar, Miss Nepal 2015 Photo Courtesy: Sangeet Poudel

According to Evana, she is a risk taker and self believer. Talking with Glocal Khabar, she mentions her challenge before and after Miss Nepal.

“All contestant were equally beautiful and talented. It was challenging to be a competitor among 19 other contestants.  While coming back to Nepal from USA, I left a job as a research analyst and that was the big risk I had to overcome. After Miss Nepal, the challenge is showing your consistency,  standing in your heels, bone and mind being a miss Nepal beside beauty.”

She also shares how a congratulation card she received from a 3-year-old kids made her grateful.
“I am receiving cards personally for being Miss Nepal and that was very touching when a 3 yr old kid made a card for me and it was hand made..she wrote that she wants me to train and become someone like me one day…that inspired me.. she saw me live and her effort and patience to look me in screen…it’s a positive vibe to all Nepalese..”

As per Evana, her biggest priorities in Nepal are:  1. Family, hidden treasure, 2. Career, 3. Society,  4. Health.

When asked about entrepreneurship and balancing work and life as a young female entrepreneur, Evana vows her traits to live a balanced life.

“learn how to identify self-reflection, soul search. Take time 5-10 minutes in anywhere you are. Self identification and soul search that is one thing all women needs to do who are discouraged in any terms of professional and personal life. Know yourself first and realise your strength and weaknesses. Identity your target market and region you want to be in..think about proposal and marketing then self motivation automatically comes when you are prepared, innovation will come in hand because entrepreneurship is creativity and innovation comes with brains and theoretical knowledge.”

In context of Nepal, Evana thinks there is lot to be done in Nepal and there are plenty of opportunities here.  She says,

“There are so many prospect in Nepal as it is culturally, architecturally, very rich. People  are opening up modelling agency, beauty parlours, gym, tourism family pages. Due to globalisation, westernization, people are using technologies.. In  America, people are brand freak and here in Nepal people want to experiment with many thing.  Though Nepal is not politically stable, youth are taking into every positive direction.”

Her Message to youth:

“Miss Nepal story behind should be looked in before judging from their face and how they became miss Nepal.  Try to implement  all the skills and talent  you have learned  and give back to society. Though I was in USA, Nepal was in my heart and soul valuing my family norms.”

Interviewed and Written by: Alina Prajapati

Photographed by: Sangeet Poudel





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