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Volunteer: Tina, Line  arrangement for Human Flag

Journalist: Sofiya Khan, Glocal Khabar News Crew

Photo courtesy:Sangeet Poudel, GlocalKhabar


1) How do you feel being part of this event?

It is the first experience in such grand event. I feel very proud to volunteer and serve for my nation

2) What are the points that  motivated you to volunteer this event?

Well,it just came from within my heart. Nepal is mine, I belong to it.




Anil Shah, CEO  of Mega Bank

I am enthralled to see the youths participating, waiting in the long queues and expressing their devotion. Wow, the love for nation brings them together. Below 25 years of age participants and volunteers have filled the ground. Proud to be a Nepali!




Volunteer: Pramod Sapkota, Scout Nepal, Line management and Grid management

Journalist: Sofiya Khan, Glocal Khabar

Photo Courtesy: Sangeet Poudel

1) How do you feel about the event happening now?

I am overwhelmed with the crowd here. We all are gathered for something very big.

2) What are the points that inspired you to be part of this event?

Well, being a Scout member, we all believe serving others is serving ourselves. And serving our nation is serving for our Identity!




 Volunteer: Pukar Joshi, Forming Sun and Moon of the Flag, Technical Management

Journalist: Sofiya Khan, Glocal Khabar

Photo courtesy: Sangeet Poudel

1) How do you feel about the management of the event?

Well, it is difficult, the crowd is massive. Yet, I am excited.

2) What message do you want to give at the end?

We all are bound with the thread of being a Nepali, we all should stand together in anything that represents our country far and wide!  Jai Nepal!




Participant: Rajesh Kumar, Student of Shanti Nikunj School, Balaju

Jounalist:Sofiya Khan, Glocal Khabar

Photo Courtesy: Sangeet Poudel

1) How do you  feel  to participate in the human flag and stand with the card display?

Its ecstatic. I am here from my school. I will be standing with red cards to form the middle portion of the flag. excited!

2) What inspires you to be here?

Nationality I would say..


Here’s what our celebrities have to say who participated in the event

Anil Keshary Shah

anil shah“I am feeling thrilled, excited to be part of this event.

More than that, I am happy to see that Nepalese people care. When it came to keeping the name of their country high, all people gathered together to make this happen. People are here standing in a lines since early morning. The commitment, the enthusiasm of people, its very nice.

One thing that I can infer from this event is – its these under 25 aged group people only who love Nepal. They are the future of Nepal.”



Rajaram Poudel

“I am feeling very happy. If this event became successful, we will have our name written in Guniess Book of World record for another new thing.

Mostly, I want to thank god because our Nation flag is secure now. Politicians are onto changing it. Our flag was going to collapse. But this event now will let our country be known all over the world. And our flag won’t lose its identity. We got chance to show our national flag to the world.”



Manoj Acharya

“I am feeling very excited to be in the event that is going to make our country famous worldwide.

बिहान उठ्ने बित्तिकै हिमाल देख्न पाइयोस, यी हात ले सधै सधै नेपाल लेख्न पाइयोस. I am very thankful to the organizers for organizing such a great event. I am very happy our national flag is safe now and it is going to be renowned all over the world. I am also happy that our politicians could not be successful in their mission of changing such a unique flag; the flag which carries our identity. For those politicians who say that our national flag should be changed, I say – they are the one who are to be be changed. Not our national flag but such politicians should be thrown out.”


Shivahari Poudel

“I am feeling very proud at this moment.

We Nepali are moving forward. Someone just wrote name of Nepal in Gunnies Book organizing longest talk show, someone did it being shortest man in the world and now this event. one after another, we are being known to the world.

One thing that I miss in this event is the proper participation of our politicians. Our politicians should also have come to this big event so that they would know the importance, the value of our flag.”



Anuradha Koirala


“I am feeling that we Nepalese people are very true, very loyal towards our country. For our nation every one would get united.

Through this event our youths are giving a bigger lesson to all of us that anything can happen when youths unite. Together we are making this event successful, we are making our country famous.

The event is going very well. This huge mass is doing great. But i somehow see management is becoming little difficult. I am feeling sad to see children standing outside in a long line since long time to get inside. They must have got tired.”



Gagan Thapa

gagan thapa

“I am very excited as this event is happening now, as it is coming true.

When i first heard about the event,I was quite skeptic regarding people. I had doubt if so huge mass of people would come here today. But I am amazed to see that people are not just coming but they are coming with such a commitment to make this event happen. I had not expected this big crowd.

From today’s event one thing that I can infer is – Nationalism is a thing that brings Nepali people together. Plus, if positive energies like – youths gather together, then events bring result. All these people are dragged here today by our national flag. I am happy to see the involvement of youth here.

Another thing is , its very difficult to manage people. When we organize our meetings in public place, then we feel very difficult to manage people. We wouldn’t have this huge crowd but also it would be hectic. But here volunteers and organizers are managing this group of 35000+ people. I am amazed to see this.

I have been hearing people blaming politicians regarding the issue of changing national flag. But one thing people need to be clear of is – only 10% politicians were in favor of changing our national flag. 90% were not in support of that and that 90% worked. So you can see the result. Our flag hasn’t changed. People need to be well informed about this.

At present context new symbols are being needed to connect people. We need to celebrate our diversity. At one time, monarchy was the symbol. And now, I see flag can be that symbol to bring people together, to unite our nation. Because when it comes to national flag, irrespective of any caste, any religion people come together. Our unique national flag can be our symbol of unity.”


Kshitiz Raj Lohani

kshitiz“The feeling is awesome. I am so excited and shouting time and again that my voice is not coming now.

Its all the 1100 volunteers, 300/400 securities and the participants coming here are the one who are making this event possible. We organizers are just moderating the event. Regarding management, its being easier than we had thought. Managing more than 3500 people is not a small thing but yet, it’s going on and going very good.”


Words from volunteers and participants


Bishal Prajapati (participant)IMG_0295

“I am very excited and proud to be here in this huge event.I love my country and really happy to contribute something by participating in this event.I am enjoying this moment.”


Dikesh Rai (participant)Photo1161

“I am very much excited to participate in this huge event. Currently, government are not able to do their best but we are able to do something.”


Shrilata Wagle (paticipant)


“I am very excited and proud to be part of the event. I am gaining the feeling that we have to do something for our country.”


Arati Adhikari (volunteer)


“I feel proud to get involve in this huge event as a volunteer and be part of national issues. I think this kind of event will give the message of “unity in diversity”. I am glad to get good response form the participants and they were very cooperative along with their curiosity.”



Roman Mahat (participant)Photo1167

“I am very excited and feeling proud to participate in this event. I am realizing that I can do something for my country.”


Prajwol Baral (participant)


” Like every participants here in this event, I am feeling absolutely proud.”



Dinesh Poudel (participant)


” I am proud to be part of this event. I have realized my sense of responsibility towards my country.”


Ashish Pokharel (participant)Photo1170

“I am proud and this is great example of unity in diversity. I love my country.”



Nischal Niraula (volunteer)Photo1173

“I am happy and proud that I am doing something for my country.The co operation of participants motivated me to do my duty.”

Anil Dhungana (partcipant)Photo1177

“I am proud to see all people united.Nepal was known only vie Everest and Buddha but our country can be known through this human national flag world record and maintain its name in the world.”


Nabin Yadav

I am really feeling very proud to be a part of this grand event.This indeed has proved and imparted the lesson how strength unity is.. Here i see all most all present here for this grand event are Nepalese Youths. So today’s youths can be the well leading leaders of the country. Recognizing Nepal in an International era including 35000 + participants in itself is the heroic deed of Nepalese youths. This can also be a great lesson to today’s leaders running the country. Actually, from this,it is crystal clear that,if u dream big,we can achieve that.But for this firm determination,hard work and team work is the most.