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Into the mystic nature


As I saw the schedule for July, I was desperately waiting for our eleventh session and was really excited because hiking was scheduled for the day. Finally, the day came, every change makers were instructed to be at Narayathan by 8:30 am with their own potlucks. As per the instruction, I enthusiastically reached the destination and to my surprise, almost all the cohort members were already there and was as looking up to the day.

To our surprise, only one member of the Ujyalo Team was present there. We waited until all the changemakers and Ujyalo team reached the destination. At 9:00 am Ujyalo’s team came from the way to Shivapuri than from the main city. All gathered at a restaurant and to our surprise, we were divided in four separate groups each lead by a team member of Ujyalo: Team Amuda Mishra(Orange), Team Yajaswi Rai(Blue), Team Chhiring Yangzum(Yellow), and Team Urishna Shakya(Green). Our program coordinator Yajaswi Rai came with a surprise. TREASURE HUNT it was!

Now the hiking was much more exciting. We were shortly briefed few safety measures and that the hiking was all about “Going beyond Boundaries” in a sense we were going to outskirts of Kathmandu and also there were tasks where we had to go and talk to local people and search for clues in different places using various riddles. We immediately started running after we received the first clue.  Every team was given clues in their own respective colors Meta card.  All the teams found first clue very easily and it was Budhanilkantha School. The closer we were to our destination; more excited and competitive we were to find out another clue.

In this outdoor session, we learned many things practically or we got the chance to implement our previous learning like team work, being tactful while doing the work, meticulousness and much more.

After all these, I personally felt that meticulousness really plays a vital role to achieve success in your life. How important it is to achieve your goal, slight carelessness and not being mindful may drive you towards failure to reach your destination.

After all the dust and heat in Kathmandu the hike was so good and refreshing session. We got to connect with the nature. We surely must thank nature for such a good climate and weather that day. Every one of us was so energetic and happy. Thank you Ujyalo Foundation and Team EmpowHER for such memorable experience I shall always cherish.

By Nuchchu Hangma Rai

The writer is an EmpowHER changemaker.