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iPhone 7: Three new handsets will be launched this year, pictures suggest


The photos are far from verified – including strange ’S’ markings on the back – but they lead credence to a growing rumour that there will be an extra ‘Pro’ version of the new handset

July 20, 2016: Apple could release three new phones this year – with an extra “Pro” model joining its new line-up.

That appears to be the implication of new pictures showing the back of three phones: a normal iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus, and an iPhone 7 Pro.

The new Pro model appears to include a much wider camera bump, potentially including two sensors. That would suggest that the “Pro” model will include a dual-lens camera system – a new technology that could allow the phones to take far more detailed and deeper pictures than just the one.

iphone 2

Previous rumours have suggested that the Pro model might also include the Smart Connector that is found on the iPad Pro. That allows the phone to plug into keyboards and other accessories.

The Pro looks to be the same size as the existing iPhone 6 and 6s Plus, and would sit alongside the Plus and the smaller handset.

The pictures themselves might be doubtful as pictures of the legitimate phone – the images show phones with an “S” written on the back, which appears on the iPhone 6s but usually appears only once every other year.

But they do suggest that Apple could be planning to launch three models of the phone this year.

The new phones are set be released this Autumn, likely in September. Other rumours have suggested that the phone will lose its headphone jack andincrease the amount of storage – but look mostly like the existing iPhone, ahead of a full upgrade next year.