iPhone or Samsung: an unsolved mystery

    samsung or apple

    iPhone or Samsung: are they the only brands existing

    Glocal Khabar now present you with another article featuring in Technology category. When its about technology, how can we miss talking about hot comparison between iPhone or Samsung?

    Phones have become a necessity in life of people and smartphones have the power to answer all the question one asks. 10 years ago, as a consumer a great PC would have Pentium processor (single core, of course), 256 MBs of RAM, 20 GB storage and that would be a powerful PC. Now we can get dual, quad and even octa core processor, at least 512 MB or 1 GB RAM and 32 GB expandable memory. So, thing implied here is that our phones are more powerful than the PCs which existed a decade ago.

    The phone battle is between Apple, Google and Microsoft on the base of operating system but Windows Phone does have its ups and downs. Though it is powerful but still lacks costumer demands. So it will be fair enough to say that , the Battle of Brands is between Apple vs Google.

    Apple runs its iOS and makes its own hardware. Google on the other hand just provide the OS to all the hardware makers who want it. So we might as well have hundreds of big and small brands running on Android. But when we see a competitor of Apple we always go for Samsung.

    Samsung has been the largest sellers of smartphones but is it fair to call Samsung Galaxy as the best flagship of Android? When reviewed we always find the performance of HTC or Sony much more powerful compared to Samsung devices. So, why is it Apple vs Samsung?

    Apple is the leading competitor to Google’s Android. But shouldn’t it be HTC or Sony taking the pride of the leader of Android according to performance. Apple vs Samsung story must have started due to the fact that Apple suing Samsung and Samsung suing Apple for the infringement of few patents.

    That’s why it’s Apple vs Samsung.

    The battle of flagship is being led by Samsung not because of its performance but for the fact that Samsung has a better market and a direct competition to Apple since the lawsuits. When we talk about best smartphones, we compare iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 not because Galaxy S5 is the best amongst other android devices (if we get technical HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z3 have better performance and features) but because it belongs to Samsung, the long rival of Apple and it is also the leader for Google’s Android.

    So, while we talk about iPhones and Samsung Galaxys, and when android over weighs the side, we should take care that there are other brands with android platform, rather than Samsung, providing better performance. We shouldn’t just go for it as it is compared to an iPhone.

    By: Sukrit Pant

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sukritpant


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