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ISA : Empowering youths through Sports


International Sports Alliance (ISA ) envisions a world in which once marginalized young people become Agents of change by participating in Sport for Development activities .

ISA has help numeorus youths develop the capacity to learn shape their own future, have strengthened confidence in them and those active citizens have committed themselves to building up their communities for good . Those youths have moved away from the vicious cycle of Poverty, violence and inequality that has kept them and their families on the margin of society.

ISA also has taken the in itiative to facilitate youths through sports .

ISA beleives thats port activities, if applied correctly, have proven to strengthen young people’s ability to shape their own future, become active citizens and commit themselves to building up their communities. Sport activities can structurally change their behaviour by helping them to break the vicious cycle of poverty, violence and inequality that often keeps them and their families on the margin of society.

In the partner countries, ISA works together with local governments, educational and sports institutes, embassies, (I)NGOs and grass root organizations. Particularly the latter plays a crucial role in empowering young people through sports. Of all organizations, they are closest to the local communities, know best which approaches work and have a direct connection with young people so that greater impacts are created .

The projects of ISA have been launched in more than 12 countries and have put impacts of lives of more than 75,000 young people of marginalized areas.

ISA supports its local partners to set up and continuously improve up-to-date, well-designed Sport for Development programmes and activities. By using and stimulating sports as a non-formal learning tool, ISA believes primarily in 3 major areas:
1)Safety and Security
2)Economic Power
3)Healthy Lifestyle

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