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ISIS: A Greater Risk To U.S. Than Iran


April 23, 2015: The American individuals see ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) as a greater risk to the U.S. than Iran, Russia or different nations, another CNN/ORC survey demonstrated Wednesday.

The survey demonstrated that 68 percent interviewees think ISIS is an intense danger, contrasted and only 39 percent who ponder Iran, 32 percent about North Korea, 25 percent about Russia. About 9 in 10 see ISIS as in any event a modestly genuine danger.

The greater parts crosswise over political and ideological lines say ISIS is a profoundly genuine danger to the U.S., including 68 percent of Democrats, 79 percent of Republican and 63 percent of independents.

Last Sunday, 6 Somali-Americans from the condition of Minnesota have been captured by U.S. Government Bureau of Investigation for attempting to join ISIS, raising worries that the risk postured by the gathering is developing and the military fight against ISIS could spread.

In a CNN/ORC March survey, people in general remained generally certain that the U.S. push to battle ISIS would succeed, it additionally demonstrated 79 percent of Americans were concerned that the contention would form into a bigger war that would spread all through the locale to different parts of the world.


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