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IT Park into operation


Kavre, April 1, 2018: Gokul Baskota, State Minister for Communications and Information Technology has said that his ministry is waiting for the decision of Provincial Assembly to bring the high-tech Information Technology Park into action.

During the reception organized by Banepa Municipality,  Minister Baskota said that whether to run the IT park falls under our jurisdiction, but there are rumours about making Kavre the provincial headquarters and using the park as the residence of the Chief Minister, we can’t do anything until Province 3 select its headquarter.

Minister Gokul Baskota states that in case Kavre is made the Provincial capital, the IT Park will be its headquarter.

He reasoned, “spending tens of millions of rupees year ago won’t remain unused anymore and as the provincial headquarters will be brought to use if not appropriate to the built facility.”

Source: THT