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Jajarkot influenza near to control, says DPHO


Jajarkot, April 30, 2015: A total of 31 people have died from the influenza that has spread in Jajarkot, a hilly district of the mid-western region, since the past one month. Some 12,637 are receiving treatment at seven VDCs at different parts in the district, the District Public Health Office ( DPHO) said. Forty-five medical doctors and 355 health workers have been deputed to treat the infected. They are being assisted by 330 volunteers.

Six VDCs in the district have been affected the most. There are 1,837 sick people alone at Paik VDC.
Earlier, there were 16 camps at 15 VDCs in the district. But, the number of camps was downsized to seven due to lack of health workers to handle the camps. Although Chief Secretary Leelamani Poudyal had instructed health workers to stay in the district at least for two weeks to treat the patients, some of them have already left the district, turning deaf ears to the call.

The DPHO, Jajarkot has claimed the disease was about to be controlled. However there was no situation of become fully confident. The Jajakot folks have complained that health services are not easily accessible in the district.



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