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Janakpur closed by gold and silver dealers to protest SP


 Janakpur, 16 October 2014: The Gold and Silver Dealers Association, and Gold and Silver Craftsmen’s Association have jointly closed Janakpur in protest of beating up of a gold and silver craftsman by the Armed Police.

Police under the command of SP of APF Rabindra Thakur had arrested and beaten up gold and silver craftsman Pradip Thakur on the basis of statement of one who was arrested with 20 kg silver being taken to India Wednesday evening.

Police had beaten up Thakur who was residing at Shashi Saha’s house at 11:00 pm.

Police also beat up  his brother Sunil Thakur. Police released them after the arrested said he did not know Thakur.

Businessmen have demanded action on the SP who is guilty in the incident, and security of business, said Chairman of the  Gold and Silver Dealers Association, Amarnath Gupta.


Janakpur has  150 gold and silver shops and one thousand workers work in them.  They transact Rs. 5 million daily and customers have been affected by the market closure.

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