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January 1: New Year or Topi Diwas


Are you excited about the New Year 2020? It is time for a celebration. Celebrating ‘New Year or Topi Diwas’.

Let’s say goodbye – 2019 and hello to 2020.

A New Year is surely a day to celebrate, an occasion of a new beginning and it is more of about letting go of the earlier bad habits and carry the good ones. Although this can happen on any other day, a new year surely brings with new hopes. May this year bring immense joy and lots of happiness in everyone’s life and shall bring peace and prosperity.

Mostly, we developed a celebration trend on Jan 01, wearing our ‘Nepali Topi’ that represents the culture of a nation, uploading photos in social media and showing Nepali culture and tradition. Nepal is a multicultural nation. This occasion counts a small effort to conserve our culture and being together for unique universal identification. It is just a grateful initiation. So, as I am saying- I am loving and celebrating this trend. Although, it is a proud moment that we are celebrating ‘Topi Diwas’ since 2014.

However, in my opinion, there can be many ways in which we can celebrate the new year. We always celebrate with lots of happiness and joy. The celebration starts on the previous night. After all, it is a festive season- celebrating a good time with family, friends, and people around us.

This year, Nepal choose the year 2020 as “Visit Nepal Year 2020” which is chosen as the national tourism year of Nepal. This year is a time to travel and explore lifetime experience. It is time to gain new experiences, new learnings and I have added some of my dream place on my bucket list!

There were lots of ups and down arises in our life but we should never give up our dreams. That one day will come someday. There is a saying never lose your hope, success is on your way.2019 has been an amazing year for me and I know 2020 is going to be even better. Now, Let’s celebrate a rocking celebration with great enthusiasm.

I want to wish a ‘Happy New Year 2020’ and ‘Happy Topi Diwas 2020’ and hope this year will bring all the good things in our life.

  • Swechha Poudel