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Japanese Film Festival in Pokhara and Kathmandu

The festival, which will be held in two legs, will kick off on February 3

Kathmandu, February 1, 2017: The Embassy of Japan in Nepal, in collaboration with the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association Nepal (JALTAN), is organising the Japanese Film Festival starting this week. The fest, which will be held in two legs, will take place at Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries, in Pokhara, on February 3-4; and at Tribhuwan Army Officer’s Club in the Capital, on February 10-11.

The fest will kick off with the screening of the film Swing Girls; the 2004 musical comedy directed by Shinobu Yaguchi which features actors Yuta Hiraoka, Juri Ueno, Shihori Kanjiya, Yuika Motokariya and Yukari Toyashima, among others.

On its second day, on Saturday, the fest will feature screening of Éclair, The Garden of Words and Ballad, with which the Pokhara leg will draw to a close.
Likewise, the Kathmandu iteration of the fest, slated to start on Feb 10, will see screening of films such as Shodo Girls; The Chef of South Polar; Always: Sunset on Third Street-Part 3; Water Boys; and Happy Flight.

The entry is free for all.

“We hope that the film festival will contribute to the understanding of Japanese culture among Nepalis and, in turn, lead to the continued development of our friendly and cooperative relations,” said organisers, issuing a press release on Tuesday.