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Jedward Gets ‘Ferocious’ on New Single

Jedward Gets 'Ferocious' on New Single

3 November,2014: X Factor U.K. twins John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, are known for their wacky antics. (Remember their “Ghostbusters” cover from Movie Night? Or their shiny red Britney suits? Or their Vanilla Ice duet?) But on their new single “Ferocious” — premiering in full here on Yahoo Music — they’re getting serious, tackling the hot topic of bullying.

“We were inspired by life experiences and wanted to make a song that would lift people up who are down and let them know we understand,” says Edward, who along with his brother has been on the receiving end of some hate himself (most notably from non-believer Simon Cowell). “We support anti-bullying and want to help people find their voice and rise out of the difficulty in their lives.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or an adult, you will find negativity put upon you. We created a song to overcome that and evoke your emotions — that you are bigger than life, and to help you communicate your feelings,” adds John.

“Ferocious,” the first single solely penned and produced by the Grimes twins themselves, was inspired by letters from Jedward fans writing about their own bullying troubles. “Life is never easy/Don’t ever pack it in/Deal with all the highs and lows/Don’t let them say you can’t/You’ve come out of the dark/Found the courage within/Now I know for a fact I can face anything,” the boys sing in their new Jepic empowerment anthem.

However, don’t worry about Jedward getting too serious: The forthcoming “Ferocious” video will star Tara Reid and William Shatner, so clearly the Grimes brothers haven’t lost their cheeky sense of humor.



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