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Jewelry hacks every girls should know


July 14, 2015: Jewelry are the most important accessories that no girls can ignore.This is for all girls who adore jewelry and who have collected a lot of jewelry accessories. We always need additional space in our home for everything and we always try to find the best solution for that, and just for that reason we have collected for you this suggestion and hacks for clever organization of your jewelry. Below you will find cheap and easy to make projects that will help you a lot with organizing your self and save time. Some of the ideas can be also very great for using it as a home decorations.. Here are some of the jewelry hacks that every girls should know.

1. Organize your jewelry; look for pretty bottles, teacups and vases you already have lying around the house and serve it as a makeshift jewelry stand.


2.  Keep track of your stud earrings by slipping them into buttonholes. Spare pieces of ribbon will work well, too.


3. Free up surface space by displaying your jewelry on the wall. Just take an old frame lying around your house, paint it and add eye hooks for all your trinkets.


4. Detangle jewelry by sprinkling it with baby powder to loosen it. Then use a pin to free it.

Pile of Gold Jewelry

5. To keep your jewelry organized and save space while you travel, place your earrings and rings in a pill box container.


6. If you have trouble putting on your bracelet by yourself, unwind a paper clip and hook one end to your bracelet. Hold the bracelet steady with the paper clip until you can fasten the clasp.



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