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JICA “Build Back Better”Reconstruction Seminar For Nepal


Kathmandu, 26 May, 2015: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) conducted “Build Back Better”reconstruction seminar for Nepal on 25th May, 2015 at Hayatt Regency.

Dr.Akihiko Tanaka, President of JICA in opening remarks expressed gratitude to Nepali government for letting this seminar to conduct and passed hid condolence to those who died in earthquake victims. According to him, as per the experience of Japan in earthquake, post disaster period is an opportunity to reassess vulnerabilities and to build back better.

“Build Back Better” is the concept that Japan embraces for its own disaster reduction policy and guides international cooperation policy when supporting other countries affected by natural disaster. This concept has become one of the four priority areas of the “Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction (2015-2030)”, a guiding agreement for disaster risk reduction adopted by UN member countries in Sendai, Japan, last March. Nepal will be first member state to bring the new framework into action.

The seminar covered three main topics. First, reviewing the main characteristics of Nepal earthquakes and damages inflicted. Second, presentation of Japan’s experience and lesson learned on how to build back  better after a disaster, notably on the importance of disaster resilient urban planning and anti- seismic measurements. Lastly, discussion on the applicability of measures in context of Nepal.


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